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Sea-Seek is an online nautical guide. It provides information and photos about coastal navigation and ports. It's like a Wiki, anyone can contribute to it by creating new descriptions or by editing current reports.
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Flag_GbAny site, among thousands, describe in Sea-Seek is visible in 3D at the bottom of the page. In addition you can fly over any coastline. Click on the small planein any page. Google Earth Browser Plugin must be installed.
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Here Sailors, Boaters, Crew, Surfers or sea lovers from around the world can share information about anchorages or surf spots, marinas and services in their area to create the "Sea-Seek" boating resource. Just tell us and if you encounter anything missing or out of date just change it!
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23 Oct 14 Port de la Pointe des Galets (Réunion)    le chenal balisé par des bouées est dragué à 9 mètres .   
18 Oct 14 Persian - Arabian Gulf    This inland sea of some 251,000 km² is connected to the Gulf of Oman in the east by the Strait of Hormuz; and its western end is marked by the major river delta of the Shatt al-Arab, ...   
17 Oct 14 Port Karistos (Eubée) (Greece)    Karystos (   loulousteven
17 Oct 14 Anse de l'Espalmador    Zone importante de mouillage surtout avec du vent d'Est. On peut mouiller également

- un peu plus au nord: anse Grassuet

- au sud: anse de Passable : un peu de sable et beaucoup ...

17 Oct 14 Calvi    Les horaires des sanitaires suivent ceux de la capitainerie ce qui n'est pas très pratique.

Le petit "port de pêche" est très sympathique sauf la nuit quand deux cafés sur ...

12 Oct 14 Middle Island Recherche Archipelago    The Middle Island in the Recherche Archipelago is most well known for its pink Lake Hillier that lies on its northern shore. It has a length ...   Horatius
10 Oct 14 Pertusato    Vue du sémaphore de pertusato sur Bonifacio a la pointe du Cap Feno   Freddy
8 Oct 14 Île de la Réunion - Reunion island    CROSS REUNION : 02 62 43 43 43 REUNION MRCC : 262 262 43 43 43

8 Oct 14 Port Saint-Gilles (La Réunion)    bonjour ,voici quelques infos complémentaires concernant le port de St gilles. tirant d'eau maximum: 1.10m port non accessible par forte houle pas de ponton Visiteurs mais des places ...   coachandsea
5 Oct 14 Marina Admiral Opatija    They have a web page:


NB ...


Nautical Guides - Ebooks in pdf format to be downloaded Ebook

Image:Flag_Gb.png Ebooks in ".pdf' format adapted to tablet display. Each one groups in one document a complete sailing area. Due to the size of the document, download time can be long.

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