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Sea-Seek is an online nautical guide. It provides information and photos about coastal navigation and ports. It's like a Wiki, anyone can contribute to it by creating new descriptions or by editing current reports.
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Flag_GbAny site, among thousands, describe in Sea-Seek is visible in 3D at the bottom of the page. In addition you can fly over any coastline. Click on the small planein any page. Google Earth Browser Plugin must be installed.
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Here Sailors, Boaters, Crew, Surfers or sea lovers from around the world can share information about anchorages or surf spots, marinas and services in their area to create the "Sea-Seek" boating resource. Just tell us and if you encounter anything missing or out of date just change it!
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21 Nov 14 Agios Loutraki Soupis (Greece)   
Prénom ; Abdelkrim
N; passeport:142578176
DOMICILE ; algérienne
Télé phone ; 00213795126838 et Fax : 0021324321924
messadia ...
19 Nov 14 Porto Canale Fiumara Grande    Attualmente ci sono alla foce due boe (rossa e verde) fra le quali bisogna entrare   vag2
17 Nov 14 Ormos Koumbara (Ios) (Greece)    Baie au N du port d'Ios, mal abritée du Meltem. La baie est bordée d'une jolie plage de sable, longue de 300 m.

On mouille par 3 à 4 m.

C'est plutôt à l'Ouest, non ?

16 Nov 14 Puerto de Muxia    dear sirs, 

what are your rates for staying a whole winter on a ponton berth in your marina? 

My boat is 13 meters long and 4 meters width, draught 2,2 meters


13 Nov 14 Port - Île Molène    L’île de Molène se situe à la pointe ouest de la Bretagne, dans le Finistère Nord,  entre le port du Conquet à ...   DD06
12 Nov 14 Baie de Beaulieu    Bonjour

la baie de beaulieu au lever du jour , 24.10.2014 , pris du sémaphore

5 Nov 14 Singapore    Large commercial vessels waiting in front of Singapore.   overseas equatorial
5 Nov 14 Piriac-sur-mer    Passer TRES au large (dans le nord et dans l'ouest) du Grand Norven (maçonnerie Nord) et se méfier du courant.

Risque de talonnage non nul en fin d'horaire d'ouverture du port.

Les ...

5 Nov 14 Cala Zafferaneddu (Palmas Sardegna)    Tutto sbagliato. Zafferaneddu è una cala rocciosa e insignificante, le foto e la descrizione si riferiscono a Porto Zafferano.    PM
3 Nov 14 Baie de Faaroa (Raiatea) (I. Société)    Merci de me situer l'emplacement du pk 20 ou habite ma fille   natureetsoleil3@gmail.com

Nautical Guides - Ebooks in pdf format to be downloaded Ebook

Image:Flag_Gb.png Ebooks in ".pdf' format adapted to tablet display. Each one groups in one document a complete sailing area. Due to the size of the document, download time can be long.

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